Council Positions


  • The President
    President is responsible for representing the society as head of the executive. The president is the first contact for all activities, opportunities, and involvement within the society. They are the person who is most involved and dedicated.
  • Vice President Internal
    VP-Internal is responsible for reporting on activities within the faculty. They attend all Faculty meetings, Dean’s Executive meetings, and all other internal councils that student representation is a necessity.
  • Vice President External
    VP-External is responsible for reporting on activities outside the faculty. They are in close contact with the Dalhousie Student Union. This position’s goal is to represent all CS student interests at a university level.
  • Treasurer
    The treasurer is responsible for handling all financial matters of the society. They keep record of all transactions, reimbursements, invoices, and prepare a budget. It is their job to make sure the funding is used in an appropriate manner.
  • Secretary
    The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at all the meetings as well as preparing correspondence on behalf of the society.


  • Graduate Representative
  • Undergraduate Representative
  • Informatics Representative 
  • Social Representative 
  • Athletic Representative 
  • Member-At-Large
  • Bar Manager 
  • Society Desk Manager


For more specific information on positions, please see our constitution.