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Geek Labs is a series of student run labs on various topics based on what students want to teach and learn. Hosted by students, for students. Great for just getting started on a topic, or for diving deeper into a subject matter covered in class. Geek Labs is here to kick-start the technical skills for your classes, career, and – Well, hobbyist work too, if you have time.

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Here you can find any of our geek labs paper copies.  Most of these are the full lab, except for the host which is there to answer questions.  Feel free to learn from these, or get in touch with the current runner of geeklabs at

Git is great at keeping you organized on any program you write. It helping teams work together on larger projects.  Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twiter all use Git for their projects, and there are lots of websites out there that make Git even easier to configure and connect with others.  Git is on command line, so it may not be flashy, but a lot of IDE’s and GUI’s make it super easy to work with.  I think it’s still a good idea to go over how Git works on the command line, and that’s all we will be going over in the lab.

Get Git page:

Linux Command Line Interface

Have you ever wanted to search through files quickly, or have a task you
wanted done, but your OS GUI had no button for it? Well, the command
line is the solution!
The command line makes complex tasks simple. Back before we had shiny
start menus and bars of colorful icons, there was the command line. It
is still the best, and only, all-around tool for executing the
non-standard tasks, but also gives you up-close-and-personal knowledge
of what inhabits your machine and what it is all doing. The Linux command line
is at home on Linux, OS X, and as a new feature in Windows 10.