• Geekbeer
      GeekBeer is an event designed to unite students in one common and reoccurring event. It’s usually held on Friday evenings starting at 6PM in the Goldburg Computer Science Building Atrium. This event is open to the entire campus or anyone in the community, which means that you can bring your friends along while you have fun and socialize. GeekBeer includes a live DJ, video games, dancing, pizza and theme related fun.The Bar Manager is in charge of GeekBeer. Please feel free to suggest themes, collaborations or other ideas by email, through our Facebook page, or in person.
    • Geek Films
      Our newest event is Geek Films, where we screen a movie once every month. Our Geek Films Pre-Movie contest gives you the chance to win popcorn and pop by answering three questions released randomly just days prior to the event itself. Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date on all the action.


    • Geek Labs
      Geek Labs is a series of student run labs on various topics based on what students want to teach and learn. Hosted by students, for students. Great for just getting started on a topic, or for diving deeper into a subject matter covered in class. Geek Labs is here to kick-start the technical skills for your classes, career, and – Well, hobbyist work too, if you have time.


    • Game Jam
      The CSS hosts a Game Jam every Fall and Winter semester. Themes and sponsors differ from semester to semester, but ShiftKey Labs has been a continued sponsor and supporter of this event. New Game Jams will be advertised throughout our social media (the specific event page will be on our Facebook), so don’t worry about missing it!


    • Hackathons
      Hackathons are events hosted by the CSS with other organizations and partners. IBM and Microsoft have been our largest supporters. We’re always looking to host more hackathons, so feel free to reach out if you have a connection with a company and would like to help us host!


  • Snowball
    Our end of year gala and awards ceremony that takes place in the Fall semester every year. It gives a chance for students, Faculty, and guests to enjoy dinner and applaud the countless achievements students and Faculty have made.Details on awards can be found here.This year’s location is yet to be determined. If you would like to help out or for more information please contact the society via email.
  • Summer Barbecues
    Everyone enjoys our BBQs, so come on and grab a bite to eat! This is a summer event located in back of the Goldberg Computer Science Building on University Avenue or out front on the green. Come and have a burger or a hot dog and enjoy the sun for a while!